Buying a home in Switzerland

On your own

  • Endless hours chasing agents who don’t represent your interests and are not liable for the information they give you.
  • Weeks or months searching just to find the wrong properties.
  • Risk of missing hidden defects and paying too much for an overpriced home.
  • Trying to manage your time around a hoard of estate agents.
  • Headaches trying to work through confusing laws and local customs.

With Paretocheckmark3

  • Our exclusive approach means One-Stop shopping, saving you time and money.
  • We do the hard work to bring you only the most relevant properties.
  • Expertise in the process of evaluation and control before you buy.
  • Dedicated to serving your needs and goals.
  • Extensive knowledge of current laws and local customs.
  • Pro-active, trust-worthy and professional service.
selling home Switzerland

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